Alema Harrington


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Alema Harrington is a well known TV and radio personality in Utah sports. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Alema played football for BYU from 1984-1988, playing both at running back and on special teams. After his collegiate football career, his charisma, voice and screen presence allowed him to transition to radio and TV announcing. Alema currently is active in Utah High School football announcing, hosts BYU Cougar talk weekdays from 12-3 and hosts the Utah Jazz half-time and post-game shows with Thurl Bailey.

Prior to coming to Utah Hair Restoration, Alema had noticed gradual and continued thinning, recession, and hair loss, particularly in the front at the temple and in the crown. With Alema on TV almost daily, keeping that dark, curly, full head of hair was very important in maintaining his overall youthful and vibrant appearance. Now with High-Definition TV, making sure that it looked 100% natural by using single hair transplant techniques was more important than ever.

Alema had a hair transplant performed at Utah Hair Restoration by Dr. Bitner and his staff. The procedure was done in the comfort of his office-based AAAASF certified operating room under a gentle sedation. The procedure was painless and comfortable, sleeping for much of the operation and watching a movie for any portion that he was awake. The recovery took about a week and he was back to work in the studio. He had a large session, transplanting 2250 grafts using the strip or FUG technique.

Now, over a year out from the surgery, the hair has grown in thick and full. His hairline has been returned to a more youthful position, he has a very fine, unrecognizable scar on the back of his head and the results look 100% natural. No one can tell that Alema has had a hair transplant, even on High-Definition TV. See Alema’s before-and-after photos and his video testimonial below.

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Dr. Bitner is a member of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery