Nevada Hair Restoration

Dr. Bitner has established a reputation as a meticulous surgeon with the skill and artistry to produce amazing results. He has hair transplant patients who travel from Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, seeking his expertise. His surgical results are so natural and dramatic, patients come from throughout the country for hair restoration.

If you are considering traveling to Utah for The Best in hair restoration, here are several points to consider:

  • We would highly recommend you contact Dr. Bitner prior to coming in for a consultation. If you use the Online Consultation Request, you may also upload photos that Dr. Bitner will review prior to and during your consultation.

  • Surgery usually starts early (7 or 8:00 am) and is finished in the early afternoon. On occasion the surgery will start in the afternoon and is complete by 5 or 6:00 pm.

  • If you take a Valium pill at the beginning of the surgery, you are not safe to drive a car for at least 24 hours. Even then, some of the breakdown products of Valium will stay in your system for several days.

  • Many patients will come in for a consult on one day and have surgery on the following day. This must be organized well in advance (at least a month).

  • A suture will be placed in the back of the head at the time of surgery. This will need to be removed one week afterwards. Oftentimes, a family physician at home can remove the suture.

  • Sometimes other medical issues must be addressed prior to surgery (i.e. blood tests, EKG, clearance from a family medical doctor, medications stopped or continued). If you are planning a single trip for both the consult and the surgery, make sure you have addressed these issues with Dr. Bitner or his staff prior to making your trip.

  • Our clinic has negotiated a special discounted hotel rate at several local hotels for patients traveling from out of town. Please contact our office for these rates.

Dr. Bitner is a member of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery