Hair Transplant Cost in Utah is Affordable

Hair Transplantation costs in the state of Utah, due to lower overhead, advertising and personnel costs, is less expensive than most places in the country. With the use of our in-office surgical suite and highly trained hair technicians, the surgical quality and results are the finest anywhere – highest quality, affordable cost. We invite you to meet Dr. Bitner and learn for yourself why Utah Hair Restoration is the Finest Hair Restoration Clinic in the Intermountain West.

Hair Transplant Cost

While most hair restoration companies charge a per graft fee, Dr. Bitner charges one set fee based on the approximate size of the session. The following prices do not include sedation, facility fee and PRP injections used during the surgical procedure.  Prices below are provided as a courtesy only and are not a guarantee.  For a more accurate cost estimate, please contact our office and a full estimate can be given.  Cost may also be subject to change, and are adjusted periodically.  Final and complete costs are not guaranteed until you have met with Dr. Bitner for a consultation and been issued a written estimate.  Price quotes are valid for 6 months.

FUT Treatment Cost
Large Hair Transplant Session (2000 – 2400 grafts): $7850+

This fee is all inclusive and includes the consultation, photo imaging, facility fee, surgical personnel and all post-operative visits. With a single large session, we guarantee you will recieve more than 2000 grafts or your money will be refunded at a rate of $3/graft. The average size of single large session is 2000 grafts but can range from 1750-2500 grafts. If more than 2500 grafts are desired, another session is generally recommended and can be scheduled 6-12 months later. Dr. Bitner can help you formulate a customized hair restoration plan to achieve your goals.

FUT Treatment Cost
Medium Hair Transplant Session (1600 – 1800 grafts): $6650+

Medium Sessions range from 1600-1800 grafts. These smaller sessions are reserved for patients who don’t have extensive hair restoration needs. This includes those with minimal hair loss who are looking to simply maintain what they have or for those who have already had a hair transplant session and need an augmentation. Medium sessions are done in a manner similar to the large session, but obviously require less time.

FUT Treatment Cost
Small Hair Transplant Session (1100 – 1300 grafts): $5250+

Small sessions are almost exclusively for patients who have already had a hair tranplant and are looking for more hair to one or two small and specific areas. Small sessions include up to 600 grafts. This does not include eyebrow or eyelash transplants.

FUT Treatment, but may be done with FUE Cost
Eyelash or Eyebrow Transplant Session: $3600+

Yes, the eyebrow and eyelashes can be transplanted. The circumstances surrounding the loss must be thoroughly explored to rule out known medical causes of the hair loss. Only Dr. Bitner can decide who is and who is not an eyebrow/eyelash replacement candidate.

FUE and Other Treatments Cost
Hairline Advancement (Reverse Browlift): $7000+
FUE Hair Transplant Session: $5.50 – $8.00*

*The per graft cost for an FUE session is dependent on the size of the session.

Payment Options

Cash/Cashiers Check

Payment in full is due approximately 2 weeks before surgery. A deposit of $250 is required to schedule your surgical date.

Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Financing Options

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Scheduling Your Surgical Date

Once you have had your consultation and are ready to schedule surgery, please let us know as soon as possible. Surgical dates fill quickly. Due to the time intensive nature of the surgeries, only one case per day can be performed. Generally, our clinic will need at least one month advance notice prior to any planned surgery. There is a $250 deposit fee. If surgery needs to be cancelled, please let our office know right away. Dr. Bitner reserves the right to keep or refund any portion of the deposit if surgery needs to be cancelled for any reason.

Cost of Revisions

It is important that you understand your plastic and hair restoration surgeon’s policy if revisions ever become necessary. Dr. Bitner is known to be a careful and meticulous surgeon. As such, hair transplant revisions and complications are extremely rare. However, if a revision ever becomes necessary, Dr. Bitner’s policy is that he does not charge a surgeon’s fee. There may be some associated equipment and disposable supply fees for which the patient would be responsible.

As discussed earlier, hair loss is progressive. It is anticipated that each hair replacement session may not replace all hair that has been lost. Further, due to the progressive nature of hair loss that will continue to progress even after a hair transplant, thinning is not considered a complication. In fact, continued thinning of the hair even after surgery is an expected event. In order to maintain a very natural and undetectable result, the hair restoration process may be staged in multiple sessions. Finally, complete restoration of all lost hair may or may not be possible. A realistic approach with information on expectations should be clearly discussed in the consultation visit. Dr. Bitner will explain and help formulate your treatment plan.

Dr. Bitner is a member of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery